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What is EoS4U

We all are suspicious when we see something new, something we are not used to, aren’t we? And it always takes courage to make the first step to try it out, but if we do try and it helps to make our life easier we hardly notice how it becomes part of our daily life and we can’t anymore imagine getting back. And that’s exactly the feeling new customers of EoS4U get.

We are talking a lot about procurement and purchasing on our platform, but those who have never been involved in large scale buying hardly realise that everything they buy for their business, be it coffee beans to lift team’s spirits in the morning or a drill for your workshop or bolts and nuts to build your product, is part of the same process.

And if you want to keep staying away from the hassle of searching for the things you need and annoying price negotiations, but still want to get right products for the right price and save money, join our community.

The hardest task for you would be to identify, what you want and its quantity, and let us and EoS4U community know about it.

Your fellow EoS4U-sers will see only your anonymous demand on our platform and will join in (you are certainly not the only company in the world who needs to purchase certain things). And you can join their demands too in case you find something you need that is already needed by someone.

After that it’s up to our team to do the job, specifically to find an appropriate supplier and negotiate the price. You will be informed about the final price as soon as we have it and of course we won’t charge you any fee on top of this price. It will take you only one click to agree and place your order. And once again we will do the job and get everything delivered.

If for this or that reason you don’t want to wait for other EoS4U-sers, your request will come to us directly and will be actioned upon in exactly the same manner.

Is there an easier way to supply your business? Maybe, going to the hardware shop next could do the trick. But then again, they might not provide everything you need and they definitely don’t work on price reductions YOU could profit from.

That’s why we are saying that EoS4U platform is business buying made easy.