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Purchasing for Everyone

Imagine you are about to launch your business. You have a business plan; you have a wonderful product you are going to build, and you know that the customers will be excited to see it on the market. You are full of anticipation and the future of your business looks bright and secure.

But then comes a question. How to get components to build your product? You don’t need anything fancy or special, but you need to save money as much as possible.

Wise people would advise, don’t go to retailers next door, their prices are for private customers, you will pay more than you should. But as a starting business, you can’t go to a manufacturer to ask for a discount either. You are about to start growing, but you are not there yet and can’t offer a supplier big volumes.

What shall you do? The solution that comes to mind first is: sit down, get a list of all the possible distributors, send them price requests for the best volume that you might have, chase for answers, compare prices, try to ask for a discount, place an order, track and finally receive the goods. Studies show that it might take up to 70% of your time. But what about your business? You are still a very small team, that shall focus on your exciting product the customers are waiting for.

Maybe still, the retailer next door is a better solution? But what about the money? You’ve already invested so much.

Don’t worry, it’s not as vicious a circle as it looks at first sight. You can do the big guys’ thing and outsource your buying. Say, to EoS4U. It’s expensive we hear you say. Not as expensive as spending your precious time on it. Moreover, you can always choose how much you want to spend on these activities. If this month you need loads of purchases to be made, go for a bigger package. Less to buy next month? Change down.

But most importantly, remember the hassle of getting the right products from the right supplier for the right price? It all will be taken care of. We want to say, just sit back, and relax. But, no, don’t sit back, get to work! Produce your amazing product we all are waiting for! But do relax, working with suppliers is our daily routine, we know how to talk to them and how to bring the price down. With the help of EoS4U, you will get connected with suppliers and they will provide the right products at the best price possible.

Moreover, on EoS4U we have a community of businesses, that bring their volumes together, which enormously helps to reduce the prices as much as possible.

United we stand tall and succeed.

Best of luck with your newly born business!