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How do you buy?

How do you buy things? And now we are asking you not as a business owner or a manager, but as a private person.

Of course, we know, that shopping is a sort of hobby or even obsession for some of us, when people just get into the flow and spend money. This is not what interests us today.

And we are not talking about ordinary grocery shopping. It’s boring and easy.

Now we are talking about buying something new, exciting, something that will bring joy or something you have wanted for a long time: say a car, a camera, a new laptop or simply exciting new software for it. Pick something and just think, how it’s happening.

And we will answer for ourselves. Normally we find what we need, try before we buy to make sure that it meets our expectations. If we are unsure that we really need it, we start with a cheaper solution to see whether the thing will really make our life better and won’t be left in a dark corner in a couple of months; then we upgrade it slowly while gaining experience using and handling it. Not that in our personal lives we have a formal process drawn for this, but when we try to think about our shopping habits, that’s what comes to mind.

Now let’s get back to work. As a person in charge of your company’s money, you don’t want to spend it on something that won’t bring any payback. Let’s take #EoS4U services as an example. You already heard that we could help you with purchasing services, moreover, we want to help you to save money. You made your calculations and all looks reasonable, but you are still doubting and would prefer to move slowly. And we totally share this sentiment, that’s why you can start small. Say, with a couple of orders per month. It will allow you to collect statistics and get a feeling, how much easier your life would become. After that, you can offload half of your purchases to us to see, how it goes and to confirm whether you get peace of mind knowing that they are being taken care of and your investment into our services would actually return to you in terms of saving. And when you are happy and convinced, you let us handle everything. This is one of the reasons why we have several different packages to choose from. We want you to stay flexible and to make your decisions on how to spend money at your own pace.

Oh, while talking about our private shopping we forgot to mention that our shopping process includes searching for sellers, comparing the prices, searching for discounts, ordering, and closely tracking the delivery. And of course, we also will do it for you, if you trust us with your purchases. This means we are offering an end-to-end process and we will be on your side from the moment you inform us about your needs. Offering to handle the whole purchasing cycle for you means that we will be searching for suppliers, negotiating on your behalf, ordering and taking care of deliveries for you. Naturally, all the savings and benefits we achieve with the supplier will be passed on to you. How can you check it? Try the #EoS4U subscription at no cost for one month and you will see the process as described unfolding in front of you.

Buying, both private and business, brings much more satisfaction when you pay less.

We wish that it always happens to you and that you always get your investments returning to you.