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EoS4U Celebrates One Year!

This month we are celebrating 1 year EoS4U!

It’s been an interesting year full of challenges, excitements, new developments, and loads of discussions with EoS4-sers that helped us to shape the EoS4U-Platform and support your needs better. In fact, we’ve been so busy that almost missed the date.

But now we are ready to pop champagne to celebrate our growth as a team that is always on your side making sure that you achieve savings on your purchasing and we will raise a glass or two to EoS4U-community, the community of businesses that help each other to swim in choppy waters of Supply Chain and work together for the benefit of all.

Unfortunately, we can’t invite all of you to the party. And to be honest, striving for cost reduction as we always do, we decided not to splash money on it, but to pass it to you (those of you who are already active on our Platform know, that that’s what happens with all the savings we get, we pass them one-to-one to you). And to do so, we are happy to announce our new way of working. No more monthly subscriptions and packages! We offer pay-as-you-go pricing: you pay only 2% of the purchase order value and only when you place your order. EoS4U-fee will be included as a separate line in our invoice to insure our usual transparency. No further fees or obligations! If your monthly subscription has been already renewed, this money will be credited to your account and used for future purchases as long as it takes.

If you use the saved money to celebrate with us and toast to EoS4U, we will be glad. But if you don’t and use this money to invest in your business instead, we will be overjoyed.

Good luck to you, to EoS4U and see you soon on our Platform!