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Purchasing Outsourcing - Risk Assessment

Some time ago we were discussing a natural fear of change, of starting and trying something new, especially in situations when things seem to go well and we are busy else-where. This is absolutely normal. When our position is strong and stable, we don’t want to risk it all.

But is it really risky to try #EoS4U and is the risk worth the gain?

What are the risks you might want to avoid? Let’s try to talk about them.

  • Getting bound by a contract? #EoS4U subscription model allows you to stop or change your subscription whenever you need it. You receive the services when you need them and are not obliged to pay in case of a slowdown in your purchasing activities. If you are satisfied with the Package you have, it will be automatically renewed and you don’t need to worry that you might forget to do it yourself. And don’t forget, there is a first month XS Package free for you to see to it all works.
  • Paying too much for the purchasing services? #EoS4U Packages include different number of purchase orders that can be placed within a month. If you go from XS to XL package and compare price per order, you can see that the price per order can go 50 and more percent down, depending on your purchasing ambitions. The smaller packages have a lower price and include fewer orders to be placed, but if your volume is not that big you save some money in subscription fees. The bigger packages offer a much lower price per order. And all the packages are more profitable than having a buyer on your books.
  • Giving internal information away? The bids you place or join are absolutely anonymous to the others. Your fellow EoS4U-sers will only see the product name and number and the date till which you want to wait for the final offer; the rest (even your own name or the name of your company) is only seen by our team members who will need to deliver you the products.
  • Buying too much and having assets on stock? That’s exactly the purpose of the #EoS4U platform - to make sure that you don’t buy in excess hoping for a better price. We will bundle the volumes of different EoS4U-sers and will deliver as ordered at a good price. You don’t need to think ahead and calculate how much time you would need to use the quantity you got and how much it costs to keep it in stock.
  • Paying too much for the products? Another purpose of #EoS4U platform is to save your money. We don’t take any commission from the saving you make with our help, all of it will be passed on to you. Not to mention that we won’t act without your approval. When the bid is completed, you will receive an offer that you can accept or reject. If you choose to reject it, because you are not satisfied with the results, we obviously don’t count it as a PO-Transaction and the PO quantity that you can place remains unchanged. But we are pretty certain that even if you would want to reject an offer, it would be because your circumstances changed and not because you are not happy with the savings we got for you.
  • Getting products too late? Here we of course depend on you. If you are creating a new bid to send your request without waiting for the others, you would need to inform us when you need the order delivered and we will plan accordingly. If you join somebody else’s bid you see right away, when it will be closed and can assess, if it suits your needs and decide whether to join in or to create a new request with a new need by date.
  • Dealing with too much paperwork? In EoS4U we are constantly talking about savings: most of all we like to save money, but we are also fond of saving effort and time. That’s why we take the paperwork like RFQs, POs, etc off your desk and deal with it ourselves. What is left to you is to make a couple of clicks every now and then to place bids, confirm offers and pay invoices.

What are the gains then?

  • Getting purchasing services when you need them without long-term contractual obligations and with the flexibility that is required by your position on the market.
  • Not having to pay for a full-time employee who might not be loaded to the full capacity, therefore paying for the services as needed.
  • Working with a team that cares about your privacy and keeps your information 100% confidential.
  • Keeping your inventory low and at the same time benefiting from lower prices.
  • Getting right products at right time without having to negotiate with suppliers.
  • Skipping the cumbersome paperwork and saving time for essential business activities.

As you can see, from our perspective the main risk is that you might like using #EoS4U and won’t be able to go back to buying practices ad hoc as you most probably do now. But we are convinced that it’s a risk worth taking.

But if you have doubts do write us below or directly, which other risks you see and we are certain that we will convince you otherwise.