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EoS4U and Buyers

People with experience in the automotive industry heard about Kaizen and approach their business life following Kaizen principles.

Others might have never heard about it. But most probably they also manage their business according to the Kaizen concept, just never heard the word itself. Here Investopedia can help with the definition: Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement." It is a Japanese business philosophy regarding the processes that continuously improve operations and involve all employees.

Simply put the Kaizen philosophy is a constant search for improvements. And we are certain that that’s what you do every day and that’s why your business runs smoothly. Maybe you even read some of our articles, got convinced that you needed to take care of your purchasing, and now have a colleague looking into your supply chain with a buyer’s eye. IF so, how can EoS4U help further? And is our platform of any use for you?

While your buyer will be searching for the best suppliers and best prices, negotiating with them, bundling your volumes, placing the order, and making sure the delivery takes place on time, there is one thing she can’t do - increase the volume to request really good discounts from the suppliers. Unfortunately, big and good suppliers might be not interested in smaller volumes and that’s where we can help. No matter if you do it with the help of an internal procurement department that critically analyses the demand or authorize someone who has time to make sure that your purchasing demand is covered, your company can place your demand on our platform, let others EoS4U-sers join in with their volumes and let our team negotiate the best prices for you.

So, what’s the added value?

First and the most important it’s improved pricing. EoS4U-sers together can accumulate a significant volume that would motivate any supplier to reduce their prices. For your buyer to do it, it would require an extreme extend of networking with other purchasing professionals, but even then it will be difficult as they would need to align all the factors involved in the daily purchasing of different businesses.

Second, confidentiality. EoS4U takes confidentiality very seriously, which means the information about your purchasing is never shared with other users. Again, for the networking your buyer would need to share your demands with other companies to get them interested in bundling the volumes, otherwise, her fellow buyers won’t be able to join in, and naturally, this information could potentially reach your competitors. In contrast, the nature of the EoS4U platform allows bundling the demand without sharing among the users, who exactly needs what.

And last but not least, the comfort of having all the orders in one place duly sorted with easily identifiable status. While currently, you might be using Excel or similar to track what was ordered, delivered, paid, or still open, in your EoS4U account you will always be able to identify open, closed, or unpaid items without any difficulty and no data would get lost.

Therefore it doesn’t matter, if you have a buyer internally or not, EoS4U is there to help with tasks that are simply beyond the reach of small or medium businesses. And we are proud to be not a simple provider of buying services, but a resource that can be used by both procurement professionals and those who have only a wage idea of what purchasing is about, but want to spend their money wisely.