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Is It Easy to Buy From Abroad?

What is the primary difference between the Spanish flu in 1918 and the ongoing corona pandemic? It is the level of technology that is available to us, the one we could quickly roll out or adapt to our needs to continue being productive and have fun even when the disease is raging out there and we are stuck at home.

Many of us discovered the pleasures of online shopping ordering things from the stores nearby, neighboring countries, or from all over the world. Those based in Europe know how easy it is to get fuet from Spain, truffles from Italy, olive oil from France, and tea from the UK. Or rather it used to be easy. Along with Corona came another unpleasant surprise - Brexit. And those who are used to getting their funny chocolate Easter bunnies or Darjeeling from Britain suddenly saw them being stuck at customs and delivered later than expected with an additional customs clearance bill on top.

Does it sound familiar? Brexit showed us once again the hardships of trading internationally and why not only private persons but also businesses shy away from ordering cheaper goods from other parts of the world. Very often business owners see good quality subcomponents being produced for example somewhere in Asia, but don’t want to get involved in issues connected with transportation, insurance, customs, and so on; and that’s how they are losing money every day.

If you are one of them, we are here to offer a solution, i. e. a one-stop-shop that will take away your worries connected with buying internationally and will deliver cost reductions you need. For EoS4U it doesn’t matter if the manufacturer is in China, Germany, or Mexico, we are used to taking care of international orders and dealing with suppliers of different backgrounds; moreover “customs clearance” is not an empty word for us, we know the terms of international trade by heart and will take care of the goods you need from the moment you order to the moment they are brought to your doorstep just as if you are ordering within your own country. And while we are searching for them we will be aiming at finding the minimum price possible, which means looking for the maximum cost reduction all of which will be passed directly to you.

In a world full of uncertainties and changes where we ought to avoid unnecessary risks that might hit our business, it is always beneficial to task an experienced team with issues you are not familiar with or just uncomfortable with. In the case of buying from abroad, such a job delegation will allow your business to save money and get quality goods and you as a business owner or leader to avoid one of the stumbling blocks and relax with a cup of aromatic Darjeeling tea from London knowing that professionals are taking care of your international affairs.