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What We Learnt From Pandemic

The corona pandemic taught us many things, showed new ways of working and achieving goals, communicating with others, staying in touch with loved ones. We’ve had a real showcase of how we can re-balance our lives and make the most out of them both professionally and personally. Very few people want to go back to where we were, but are thinking about establishing new routines and new life.

One thing is clear: this all has happened because of improved connectivity, thanks to all the communication tools that humanity has developed. Vaccine developers could communicate with each other freely and quickly to deliver the vaccines in the shortest time. Those who used to come to the offices to get their job done could quarantine, but continue to deliver. Most vulnerable people could be kept away from potential spreaders, but still have dinners and tea parties with their families and friends.

The world and life around us became more digitalized and we are starting to get used to it. Moreover, we are starting to look for new ways of achieving better, quicker, and cheaper results.

If before the pandemic you had a weak spot in your business, say your purchasing activities were of low quality because of your company’s structure, you would have started to look for external help. A solution could be hiring a consultant, who would have analyzed your purchasing practices and habits, prepared a workbook full of valuable advice, and left you to implement them in practice. An expensive exercise, but needed if you couldn’t get to the bottom of it yourself. You could have joined an association of small businesses or a body that represents them, who would estimate how much you spend and define your membership fee accordingly. A good solution to get connected with other businesses and try achieving cost reductions together, but tricky in terms of keeping your data confidential and not transparent in terms of how much you spend and how much you gain. You could have hired a purchasing specialist full-time and offload these duties on her. Not cheap either, you might not have even needed full-time support of your sourcing activities, moreover just through existing this specialist might not have been able to boost your demand to a level that would motivate your suppliers to give good prices.

But with the crisis upon us that is hopefully fading away, we can adapt and move on to the next level. We shall apply the experience we’ve gained during the last two years and turn to the opportunities that connectivity gives us. And that’s the reason EoS4U exists. You want to know, how to save money - we can guide you through without getting you hooked on a long-term contract. You need to increase your purchasing volume without giving away your confidential data - we can help by accumulating demands from different EoS4U-sers and negotiating with suppliers; the fee you pay is transparent and flexible, it doesn’t fluctuate with the level of saving achieved or the amounts you spend on your suppliers, and depends only on the quantity of purchase orders you want to place. You want to have ad hoc purchasing support - we are there for you when you give us a signal by placing a request and we disappear when you don’t need to buy anything.

And that’s why EoS4U-platform is a purchasing solution for the 21st century: it’s flexible, easily available on demand, and designed to serve agile businesses (both young and mature).

Of course, it’s a choice of every single individual, manager, or business owner, whether to get back to conventional pre-pandemic ways of doing business or move on and make use of available technology to achieve better results. But history tells us that going back is never an option and we shall seize the opportunities life provides.