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New Year - New Buying

The New 2022 has started on a bright note with booster vaccinations in full swing and the Omicron variant being milder than other corona mutations. There are still uncertainties out there though, and 2022 is still going to be a bumpy one. With the worldwide supply chain constraints dominating the market many companies are expecting to pay their suppliers more in exchange for secure deliveries. The budgets are planned and it’s time to place orders. Are you ready? Do you have a sourcing plan? Have you vetted your suppliers? Do you have your sources straight, so that if one fails you regroup quickly without disrupting your business? Do you have enough capacity for order-track-receive-pay cycle? And the most important question – are you the only one who is struggling with purchasing?

We can answer the last question for you: you are not alone, and help is one subscription away. That’s why we are inviting you to join our campaign: New Year – New Buying. Our New Buying Pledge is to increase the number of suppliers we use for competitive bidding to further improve discounts and increase savings we pass to you. What will yours look like? A good one would be to save while buying. For example, with the help of EoS4U Platform.

To help you to kick off the campaign we are offering you till the end of February three orders to be placed free of charge in the trial period. You can send us your demand directly from your account and skip waiting for others to join in. In this way, you will save time, while potentially losing a bit on economies of scale, but will still enjoy our service and savings we will get for you in full. Or you can place your demand on the platform, allow the others to join, and save even better.

Every new year (same as every new day) brings new opportunities that we shouldn’t let slip, so get on board and help your business to prosper.