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Checking in with New Year’s Resolutions

The first month of the year is gone. The time really flies. How did you do with your New Year's Resolutions? Have you made it through dry January? Or have you successfully been skipping animal products, because of your commitment to the Veganuary? Are you still enthusiastically going to the gym or jogging as you did at the beginning of the year?

What about the resolutions related to your business practices? Have you found ways to make your business work better, more efficiently, and more economically? Have you picked training and tools that your teams need to do the job?

As you remember, our intention was to survey and engage with more suppliers to ensure that no stone is left unturned in our search for better prices and savings for you. We are happy to confirm that we are still going strong and there have been no signs of slowing down, so you can rely on EoS4U Team and its dedication to your cash flow and success.

For those who missed our commitments and don’t know well what we are talking about, here is a quick recap. Our team dedicates its time and resources to helping EoS4U-Community do business purchases and save money in the process. We are closely working with suppliers negotiating the best prices and discounts, managing your orders, and making sure that you get your deliveries on time. You can help us to do an even better job by allowing to bundle your desired orders with other EoS4Users. Again, no effort from your side is required, you just tell us what you need, and we do the needful, confidentiality guaranteed. The savings that result from it will be 100% passed to you. And our New Year’s Resolution was to widen our supplier base and therefore provide even more extensive and better services to you.

If you are still searching for a practical solution to your New Year’s Resolution to optimize your business and improve your cash flow, EoS4U could be just what you need. Try it when you are ready and don’t forget about our New Year – New Buying Campaign that will end by March.

It’s hard to keep on going and drive your resolutions to the point when they become habits, but it’s worth it. We wish you strength and focus, and remember, EoS4U-Team is always there to help you with it.