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Can EoS4U Help Farmers?

The spring is almost over, and a new summer is around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere. We all are looking forward to the pleasures of the season like going to the beaches, having picnics, sitting outside, and enjoying fresh seasonal local produce. We are starting to go to the farmers’ markets more often to fetch vegetables, fruits, berries, and everything around them – pies, cakes, salads, juices, you name it.

But while this time of the year is so much fun, it also brings a lot of work to farmers, thanks to whom we can enjoy what summer brings. Your job is hard, its results depend on external factors, the work is concentrated on processes that can’t be sped up or alternated in new lean ways, the products require a quick turn around and on top of this, your margins are low.

We appreciate the job you do and can’t imagine our life without questions like “is it local?”, “is it from this region”, wherever we go. Be it a restaurant in our neighborhood or in a faraway land we travel to, a wine store, or a market. And we would like to help. Of course, we can’t lift the burden of growing the produce, and neither shall we, this is every farmer’s core business, and nothing can replace their expertise. But what we can do is help with everyday chores because farming requires buying activities the same way any other business does. Most probably, you need cardboard boxes to transport the products, or glass jars to package liquids for your customers, or tools for small works around your barn, or even paper to submit your tax declaration. You name it and we got you covered. We will take away from you the burden of searching for the best prices and suppliers, placing orders, and following up on deliveries. One hundred percent. Moreover, we will make sure that you get your savings from every single transaction with suppliers.

Ensuring that you keep as much money in your pocket as possible and giving you back the time that you would otherwise spend on activities not directly connected with your work that we all treasure is how we can help you and where we see our mission is intertwined with yours. We are looking forward to making your life easier and to seeing you in the neighborhood market every weekend.